General Election is November 6, 2018.

The General Election Ballot lists all eligible candidates with all the parties behind their name that they are qualified to represent, regardless of their party affiliation. The candidate’s party will be listed first, and any candidate can have up to three parties behind their name on the General Election Ballot. Listed below is the candidates qualifying party only.

OAA continues to send out questionnaires and post them within a day. Encourage your candidate to return the questionnaire. Check back frequently to see how candidates stand on important issues.

[ATTENTION CANDIDATES: If you did not receive our questionnaire by email, it is quit possible we do not have an email address for you. Please request your questionnaire link at aap.oregon@gmail.com and identify the email address where you want to receive the questionnaire.]


** Senate Districts 1 and 30 are listed on the ballot due to a vacancy occurring in those offices. The elected candidates will hold the office for the remaining two years of the four year term.



 Candidates advancing to the General Election.



The list of Judges includes all positions for comparison and evaluation of the court structure. Candidates that won have a W in the first column.

JUDGE FOR CIRCUIT COURT DISTRICT 10, POSITION 2 (UNION AND WALLOWA COUNTIES) WILL APPEAR ON THE GENERAL ELECTION BALLOT. This nonpartisan office became vacant due to retirement, resignation, recall or death. This vacated office would not normally appear on the 2018 ballot.