2020 Initiatives

Initiatives filed for the 2020 General Election.

A petition may be filed for any election, but only one petition cycle will be approved for circulation during a 2 year period. Petitions for future elections may go through the sponsorship phase, get a ballot title and go through ballot title appeal process. Approval to circulate for the 2020 cycle will be given after July 6, 2018, the deadline to submit signatures for the 2018 General Election.

INITIATIVES ARE DUE JUNE 1, 2020, according to ORS 250.105 (4). “…not less than 165 days before the election at which the proposed measure is to be voted upon…”

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Type Status
Subject Chief Petitioners Circulate
Will Pay
2020 – 001 Initiative Pending title appeal Get Big Money Out of Oregon Elections
Ron Duel
B. Elizabeth Trojan
Pending Yes
2020 – 002 Initiative Approved to circulate Local, Family & Small Business Fairness Act
Elizabeth Magulre
Shane Otley
Ballot title approved Yes
2020 – 003 Initiative Gathering 1,000 signatures The Right to Justice for Victims of Rape and Sexual Assault Act
Leanne Littrell DiLorenzo

Joani Kombs Wardwell

Pending No
2020 – 004 Initiative Gathering 1,000 signatures Oregon 2nd Primary in The Nation
2020 – 005 Initiative Gathering 1,000 signatures Establish Citizen Commission for Legislature Redistricting
Kevin Mannix, Michele Fletchall, Charles Lee
2020 – 006 Initiative Gathering 1,000 signatures School Gun Safety Act
Jerrad Robison
Ston McDaniel
2020 – 007 Initiative Submitted 1,000 signatures pending title Equal Compensation for Equal Work Amendment
Erica Hetfeld=
Kim Sordyl
2020 – 008 Initiative Submitted  1,000 signatures pending verification The Common Firearms Act
Sharon Preston

Carlyan Casteliano

2020 – 010 Initiative Submitted  1,000 signatures pending verification Tolls Need Voter Approval
Mike Nearman
Les Poole

Julie Parrish

Withdrew 009 Yes
2020 – 011 Initiative Gathering 1,000 signatures Firearms Safety Education
Raven Brumbles

Jim Hoffman

2020 – 012 Initiative Gathering 1,000 signatures The Psilocybin Service Initiative of Oregon
Thomas Eckert

Sheri Eckert



13 Initiative No Debt for Public Pensions
Parrish, Julie
Johnson, Mark
Sordyl, Kim
14 Initiative Civil Injunctive Relief for Criminal Violations
Schaefer, Nicole
15 Initiative Civil Right of Action for the Wrongful Injury or Death of an Animal
Schaefer, Nicole