School Board Responsibilities

Running for School Board?

A school board member must show commitment and be willing to spend a substantial amount of time without pay.  Following are some of the important information a board member must be familiar with to fulfill their oath of office.

How to become a candidate and what a school board member does: The Oregon School Boards Association, Guide for Oregon Board Candidates – including School District, Education Service District, and Community College.

Half of the board members are elected or re-elected in each odd-numbered year on the third Tuesday in May. The filing deadline is 61 days prior to the election date.

Important principles for board members. Being elected as a board member is not to be taken lightly. Check out the principles for a successful board member.

Know Parliamentary Procedure for Meetings.

Most school district have adopted the Oregon School Board Association Policies and will amend them to fit their own district.

Know how the legislative process works.  Board members serve important roles in both ensuring passage of bills that are favorable to public schools and in defeating bills that work to the detriment of the public school system.

Policy/Administrative Regulation Reference Guide.

Oregon Administrative Rules, Division 22 Standards for Public Elementary and Secondary Schools.

Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission. The school board has oversight of staff development and evaluation.

Collective Bargaining and the Negotiation Process: A Primer for School Board Negotiators. Provides an overview of state laws governing collective bargaining between boards of education and school employee associations. It also describes how the parties typically prepare for and conduct negotiations and provides guidance on effective bargaining practices.

WISE (Working to Institutionalize Sex Education) Grant option. Authorized by HB 2509, grants are to provide students with medically-accurate, age-appropriate sexuality education.  As with this and other grants, it is a board members responsibility to discern any strings encumbering grant funds.