2014 Election Related Bills


HB 4012 Increases criminal and civil penalties for violations of specified election laws. No Action.

HB 4056 (Introductory text) Prohibits county clerk or county recording officer from recording document that records death filed in conjunction with owning or having interest in land if document originated in this state and includes medical information related to cause of death. Governor Signed.

HB 4060 Requires persons registering to vote in this state for first time to supply acceptable evidence of residency. No Action.

SB 1503 Requires name of candidate for more than one district office that is to be filled at same election to be separately printed on official or special election ballot for each district office for which person is candidate. No Action.

SB 1515 Establishes work group to examine feasibility of Internet voting. No Action.

SB 1564 Establishes defective ballot boards to inspect ballots that cannot accurately be tallied by vote tally system. No Action.