Oregon Abigail Adams believes in civic responsibility. To that end, our website at provides extensive information on how to take our civic duty seriously. Our goal is to equip voters with information on how candidates stand on issues through a questionnaire process featured in a candidate comparison guide. The website features current candidates and initiatives, but you can also find personal get-out-the-vote campaign ideas, ways to get involved and tutorial training in several areas, information on being a precinct committee person, and history of county and state election processes. Our liberty depends on everyone being engaged as civic responsible citizens. Knowing how the process works and what it means to defend our liberties is basic to keeping our freedoms.

Our state is in an unsettled shape where freedom hangs in the balance, because we have not fulfilled our civic responsibility.  Self-government can’t work without an engaged, educated, informed citizenry. The Oregon Abigail Adams Project revolutionizes the electoral process. Voters have the power of information in their own hands making it possible to engage at your own comfort level. Defending liberty is not politics.  Sharing the light of liberty with our children is not politics.  Respecting and honoring the Constitution is not politics.  All of these things are our civic duty.

We must be defenders of liberty, we are the keepers of freedom, and we are the creators and overseers of our government.  What happens when we stop watching over government?  What happens when we ourselves are no longer willing to serve in some capacity?  What happens when We the People walk away?  The answer is POLITICS – SOCIALISM.

Oregon Abigail Adams has partnered with various groups throughout the state disseminating voter guides. These partnerships further support our strong conviction to help improve elections in Oregon. The only way to truly preserve liberty is to get involved.

“The people…are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.”
Thomas Jefferson