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March 15, 2020


Oregon Abigail Adams believes in civic responsibility. Our goal is to equip voters with information on how candidates stand on issues through a questionnaire process featured in a candidate comparison guide. The website features current candidates and initiatives, but you can also find personal get-out-the-vote campaign ideas, ways to get involved and tutorial training in several areas, information on being a precinct committee person, and history of county and state election processes. Our liberty depends on everyone being engaged as civic responsible citizens. Knowing how the process works and what it means to defend our liberties is basic to keeping our freedoms….

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November 27, 2018


As Oregon’s economy is growing, so is the homeless. Unemployment is at an all-time low, still homelessness increases. What are we to make of this? There doesn’t seem to be a link between this cause and effect as politicians would have us believe. Homelessness is sure to be an issue in the next legislative session…..

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July 20, 2018


So, what’s so wrong with the National Popular Vote? Much of the general public has bought into the marketing ploy of “equal representation” where every vote will count equally in opposing the Electoral College. But the proposed National Popular Vote Compact does not change the Electoral College, but it does change how votes are counted……

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August 16, 2018


The House of Representatives on the national level was designed to be a fair representation of a set geographical portion of the people (districts). States followed by establishing their House of Representatives in the same way. But, as the population shifts and grows, redistricting has become a political tool of the party in power……

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October 25, 2018


In this day of political adversity between parties, can a candidate from one major party honestly represent three major parties on the ballot? That is precisely what is happening. To make matters more confusing, the Secretary of State is proposing to add a Nonaffiliated Primary and having Minor Party Primaries…..