2016 General Election


The General Election results indicate that 74.5% of Oregon registered voters voted, up from the 53.7% voting in the Primary.  You can check county voting percentages and election results from a list of counties.

The General Election also includes a number of statewide MEASURES.

The Secretary of State is tracking Motor Voter registrations and as the default registration (those not returning their card selecting a party), they are automatically registered as Nonaffiliated.  Of those Motor Voters, 78.7% eligible to vote were nonaffiliated, but only 6.03% voted. If this trend continues, nonaffiliated will soon exceed any party in the number of registered voters. Take this opportunity to organize and educate your neighborhood, church, and social groups on the importance of voting. Utilize our Register to Vote brochure and Voter Registration information.

Know your candidates and be an informed voter

The Candidate Comparison Guides list the candidates answers side-by-side for voters to compare the answers for each issue. Links are at the top of each race where two or more candidates have responded. Where candidates have declined to answer, links to sources may appear to give the voter the best possible information for a comparison.

A WORD about candidates running for more than one party. To run as the opposing party’s candidate, it only takes a few friends to write-in the name if no other candidate is listed. Can a candidate grounded in one party’s platform really represent you if you are of the opposing party? This is where being an informed voter is critical and our questionnaires are important.


Web score is based on how useful the candidate’s website is to a voter. It reflects the number and extent of issues presented, and goals beyond general statements. Scores are not based on positions taken or presentation.
Voting score for incumbent candidates are 2016 scores rated on a nonpartisan bases by the Oregon Citizens Lobby that grades bills on five core principles.
(++Indicates some answers on the comparison guides are taken from other sources with links to the source.)

County Sheriff Candidates and County Commissioner Candidates

If two or fewer candidates file for a nonpartisan position, it will not appear on the May ballot but will go directly to the November ballot. If more than two candidates, the top two advance to the November ballot.  ORS 249.088 and 249.091.

The 2016 County Candidates & Measures page will link you to other local candidate races.

(X marks the winning candidate.)

Circuit Court Positions

Fifty-seven seats on Oregon’s Circuit Court benches were up for election in the Primary, which was functionally a general election. Candidates who received more than 50% of the votes cast in their respective May elections won their seats outright. One race did not have a majority and will have a runoff in the General Election, November 8, 2016. Eight other seats are up for general election because of vacancies. When a vacancy occurs and no more than two candidates file, the unexpired term automatically advances to the November ballot.

Seats for election in 2016 are in RED and candidates filed are listed with their applications. Candidates winning in the Primary are marked with an X.