2016 Statewide Measures

Oregon may initiate legislation as either a state statute or a constitutional amendment. In Oregon, citizens also have the power to repeal legislation via veto referendum. For the Oregon State Legislature to place measures on the ballot as legislatively referred constitutional amendments or legislatively referred state statutes, it takes a majority vote of each chamber.  Legislative referrals are indicated by bill number in the description.

Points to consider:

  1. Changes to the Oregon Constitution are practically impossible for a citizen’s initiative to change. So be certain the change is for the betterment of all Oregon.
  2. Look for hidden future costs that aren’t anticipated.
  3. Look for guarantees that will lock up funds in a down economy forcing tax increases.
  4. Dedicated funds have the potential of limiting options in a down economy forcing tax increases.
Type Title Subject Description
LRCA Measure 94 State judiciary FAILED

Repeals the mandatory judicial retirement age, which is 75 years old (SJR 4)

Constitutional change, summary, background and comments.

LRCA Measure 95 State and local government budgets, spending, and finance PASSED

Allows public state universities to invest in equities (HJR 203)

Constitutional change and background.

LRCA Measure 96 Lottery PASSED

Devotes 1.5 percent of state lottery net proceeds toward expanding veterans’ services to assisting with employment, education, housing, health care, reintegration and access to government benefit including spouses and dependents. (HJR 202)

Constitutional change and summary.

CISS Measure 97 Taxes FAILED

Increases corporate taxes on businesses with annual incomes that exceed $25 million at $30,001 plus 2.5%, sets new minimum corporate tax at $100,000 for sales of 100 million, and eliminates the tax cap

Essential Facts on Measure 97

Legislative Revenue Office estimates that about two thirds of the total will be paid by Oregon’s consumers

Summary and arguments.

CISS Measure 98 Education PASSED

Titled, High School Graduation and College and Career Readiness Act (CTE).

Requires state funding at an extra $800 per high school student per year for three programs: CTE, college level classes and dropout-prevention.  Total cost to fund for the next biennium is approximately $294 million, one-sixth of projected new lottery revenue.

Summary and issues.

CISS Measure 99 Lottery PASSED

Creates an “Outdoor School Education Fund,” continuously funded through the Lottery of about $22 million, to provide outdoor school programs for all fifth and sixth graders, which involves a few nights at a camp learning about science.

Ballot summary and affect on OSU Extension Service Outdoor School and 4-H programs.

CISS Measure 100 Animals PASSED

Prohibits the sale of products from and parts of 12 species of endangered animals.

Ballot summary, background and comments on regulating poachers in other countries.

Oregon ballot measures come in several different varieties:

  • legislatively referred state statute – Appears on a state’s ballot as a ballot measure because the state legislature in that state voted to put it before the voters.
  • initiated state statute – Earns a spot on the ballot when sponsors collect signatures according to the laws governing the initiative process in Oregon.
  • legislatively referred constitutional amendment – A constitutional amendment that appears on a state’s ballot as a ballot measure because the state legislature in that state voted to put it before the voters.
  • initiated constitutional amendment – An amendment to a state’s constitution that comes about through the initiative process.
  • Veto referenda – When citizens of Oregon disagree with a statute or legislative bill enacted by the state legislature, they can collect signatures to force the issue to a vote. If enough signatures are collected, the bill is placed on the statewide ballot.

Initiatives filed for 2016

Laws governing the initiative process in Oregon

Procedures for qualifying an initiative in Oregon

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