Risk of Ballot Tampering

Informational Video

Ruth Bendl and Jeff Kropf  and the Risk of Ballot Tampering

Did You Know . . .

  • Your ballot can be removed from the secrecy envelope up to seven days before Election Day.
  • Your ballot is scrutinized, and if deemed necessary by temporary election workers, your vote may be “enhanced” (in other words “altered”).
  • It is possible for your ballot to be duplicated or your “under votes” (ovals left blank) marked as votes.
  • Election offices are staffed by temporary workers, whose backgrounds and agendas are unknown.  Vote tampering is rare, but election offices that allow ballots to be opened and “enhanced before election day, leave room for suspicion.

 The Solution . . .

  • Oregon law must  mandate that ballots not be removed from their secrecy envelopes before election day.
  • Problem ballots should be set aside for hand tallying AFTER election day, with observers available to monitor the tally process.

Join the Team . . .

The Voter Integrity Campaign has been organized to encourage the state legislature to change Oregon law to reduce the risk of ballot tampering. The more people that are on this team, the louder our voice will be.

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