“We Fly With Our Own Wings”      — Oregon State Motto

Oregon Abigail Adams is a voter education project.  We send candidates a short questionnaire that they complete and submit on-line. Candidate answers are featured in a candidate comparison guide.

In 2009, Patricia Moseley heard Kimberly Fletcher, founder of the Abigail Adams Project, speak  at a convention in Tennessee. Kimberly had successfully provided non-partisan voter guides in Ohio and was sharing her vision with patriots nationwide. Patricia was impressed with the mission of educating voters and helping them identify candidates that would best represent them.  Providing voter guides that would identify the candidates that would serve as true statesmen instead of those that would serve as self-serving politicians was powerful information. Patricia returned to Oregon inspired, and with the help of a few volunteers, Oregon Abigail Adams was launched in March, 2010.

Richard Michael helped Oregon and many other states get started. He set up their websites and provided the training to use it.  He was instrumental in setting up the Oregon candidate database and continues to provide the on-line voter guide system and support.

Oregon Abigail Adams started sending questionnaires to candidates April 15, 2010 and the first voter guide was published for the May Primary Election.

Presently, Donna Bleiler is serving as the OAA State Coordinator. Linda Eskridge is the Assistant State Coordinator and serves as a liason to numerous community organizations. Wendy Frome is the communications specialist.

Candidates guides can be published for all elections from the President of the United States to the local school boards. Oregon Abigail Adams has partnered with various groups throughout the state to provide custom voter guides that are pertinent to local issues.

As a member of the Oregon Liberty Coalition and partner with Oregon Citizen’s Lobby, Oregon Abigail Adams has been active in bi-partisan election related legislation and voter integrity efforts.  These partnerships are made possible through the service of dedicated volunteers from around the state and a strong conviction to help improve elections in Oregon.

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“The Abigail Adams Project will truly revolutionize the electoral process. No longer will candidates need a treasure chest of money or be affiliated with a party to be considered a “viable” candidate. Americans will have the power of information in their own hands. They will know all the candidates running—and where they stand on the issues that matter to you. But what you will not find in these voters guides are Parties. We won’t list them because it won’t matter anymore. You will know the candidates and where they stand. Their race, gender, and party are irrelevant.”                         –Kimberly Fletcher, Abigail Adams Project Founder

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