Oregon Constitution

The Oregon Constitution was framed by a convention of 60 delegates chosen by the people. The convention met on the third Monday in August 1857 and adjourned on September 18 of the same year. On November 9, 1857, the Constitution was approved by the vote of the people of Oregon Territory. The Act of Congress admitting Oregon into the Union was approved February 14, 1859, and on that date the Constitution went into effect. [1857 Constitution]

PROPOSED AMENDMENTS:  The 2015 regular session of the Legislative Assembly proposed one amendment to the Constitution of the State of Oregon. Senate Joint Resolution 4 is to be submitted for approval or rejection at the regular general election on November 8, 2016.

The Constitution is the current version following the approval of amendments and revisions on November 4, 2014. [Print version – 97 pages]

Preamble to the Oregon Constitution
We the people of the State of Oregon to the end that Justice be established, order maintained, and liberty perpetuated, do ordain this Constitution.—

Article I Bill of Rights

II Suffrage and Elections

III Distribution of Powers

IV Legislative Branch

V Executive Branch

VI Administrative Department

VII (Amended) Judicial Department

VII (Original) Judicial Department

VIII Education and School Lands

IX Finance

X The Militia

X-A Catastrophic Disasters

XI Corporations and Internal Improvements

Section 1-11a Corporations and Internal Improvements

Sec. 1. Prohibition of state banks
2. Formation of corporations; municipal charters; intoxicating liquor regulation
2a. Merger of adjoining municipalities; county-city consolidation
3. Liability of stockholders
4. Compensation for property taken by corporation
5. Restriction of municipal powers in Acts of incorporation
6. State not to be stockholder in company; exceptions
7. Credit of State Not to Be Loaned; Limitation Upon Power of Contracting Debts
8. State not to assume debts of counties, towns or other corporations
9. Limitations on powers of county or city to assist corporations
10. County debt limitation
11. Property tax limitations on assessed value and rate of tax; exceptions

Section 11b-15a Corporations and Internal Improvements

11b. Property tax categories; limitation on categories; exceptions
11c. Limits in addition to other tax limits
11d. Effect of section 11b on exemptions and assessments
11e. Severability of sections 11b, 11c and 11d
11k. Limitation on applicability of section 11 (8) voting requirements to elections on measures held in May or November of any year
11L. Limitation on applicability of sections 11 and 11b on bonded indebtedness to finance capital costs
12. People’s utility districts
13. Interests of employes when operation of transportation system assumed by public body
14. Metropolitan service district charter
15. Funding of programs imposed upon local governments; exceptions

XI-A through XI-F(2)

XI-A Farm and Home Loans to Veterans
XI-D State Power Development
XI-E State Reforestation
XI-F(1) Higher Education Building Projects
XI-F(2) Veterans’ Bonus

XI-G through XI-Q

XI-G Higher Education Institutions and Activities; Community Colleges
XI-H Pollution Control
XI-I(1) Water Development Projects
XI-I(2) Multifamily Housing for Elderly and Disabled
XI-J Small Scale Local Energy Loans
XI-K Guarantee of Bonded Indebtedness of Education Districts
XI-L Oregon Health and Science University
XI-M Seismic Rehabilitation of Public Education Buildings
XI-N Seismic Rehabilitation of Emergency Services Buildings
XI-O Pension Liabilities
XI-P School District Capital Costs
XI-Q Real or Personal Property Owned or Operated by State

XII through XIV

XII State Printing
XIV Seat of Government

XV Miscellaneous

XVI Boundaries

XVII Amendments and Revisions

XVIII Schedule