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1.Do you support Oregon taking full financial responsibility for constructing a new bridge over the Columbia River? Estimated $2.63 billion to $3.76 billion price tag in 2011.
2.Do you support increasing fuel taxes for needed infrastructure repairs? Oregon DOT says bridge & highway infrastructure needs $5 billion in repairs NOW
3.Do you support a change in Oregon’s Constitution to use the individual tax kicker to fund education?
4.Do you support a sales tax in Oregon? History of the United States’ Sales Tax
5.Do you support returning Oregon land owned by the federal government to Oregon? (Federal government controls 60% of Oregon’s land.) Ken Ivory on Glenn Beck Radio Discussing the Transfer of Public Lands

American Lands Council – Legal Summary Highlights

Oregon: Transfer public lands from feds?

Federal mismanagement is failing our forests

6.Do you support EPA temporarily closing BLM roads to give time for public hearings and a permanent order? HOW BLM CLOSES PUBLIC ROADS
7.Do you support registration for all privately owned guns?  Fordham Law Review: Cultural Perspectives on Gun Registration, the NRA, Adolf Hitler, and NAZI Gun Laws: Exploding the Gun Culture Wars
8.Do you support regulations on ammunition as a means to regulate guns?
9.Do you support a sheriff’s authority to determine which gun regulations violate laws when funding does not permit enforcement? The Sheriff Has Authority To Deny Federal Agents Access To His County

Sheriffs, States and the Supreme Court

10.Do you support state government taking a more active role in private business? Proposed idea is to protect investors.
11.Do you support the government identifying emerging growth businesses for subsidies, tax credits and government grants and loans? Benchmarking State Business Incentives; A Review and Comparison of Oregon State Incentive Programs
12.Do you support green urban renewal projects backed by public funds?
13.Do you support limiting the sale of Oregon farm land to only U.S. citizens? (over 2% is currently owned by foreign countries) Who Owns U.S. Agricultural Land?
14.Do you support the construction of water storage for crops to replace what was lost with the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement? Drought declarations in 2015 emphasizes the importance of creating sensible policies relating to the regulation of water use throughout Oregon.
15.Do you support the Federal government and FEMA taking control over Oregon Governor’s powers in ORS 401.188 in times of emergency? Statutes on Management of resources during emergency
16.Do you support the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act allowing the U.S. Military to arrest and detain ANY “suspected” terrorist without trial, legal counsel, or accusation of wrongdoing? National Defense Authorization Act — 13 Senators voted NO
17.Do you support the UN Strong Cities Network sending foreign troops into states to train local enforcement to strengthen community resilience against violent extremism? No Promoters of the SCN insist that it isn’t a government body; it’s merely a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), the designation awarded to many organizations by the UN. SCN’s initial step consists of linking city governments to the London-based Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), which will exert control over a city’s law-enforcement policy. Setting guidelines for police and working toward disarming civilians are its two main goals. This foreign-based group doesn’t hide its determination to grab the weapons of those who are classified Right-leaning.


Strong Cities Network: Trilateral, CFR, Rothschild Connections

Obama Administration and UN Announce Global Police Force to Fight ‘Extremism’ In U.S.

18.Do you support expanding traffic enforcement cameras to the entire state?  Speed and Red Light Camera Laws
19.Do you support restricting the “emergency clause” in legislation as true emergencies? No Fake Emergencies
20.Do you support a process for impeachment of executive branch officials by state legislators? History of Governor’s impeached:


21.Do you support authorizing the Attorney General to conduct a preliminary investigation into alleged violations of ethics or criminal laws to discover cause? 2015 State rankings on Integrity Investigations:

State Integrity 2015: How does your state rank for integrity?

22.Do you support a constitutional amendment to require proof of U.S. citizenship to register to vote in Oregon? The Threat of Non-Citizen Voting
23.Do you support the direct election of the president by popular vote? Trashing the 12th Amendment with the National Popular Vote

Testimony: National Popular Vote isn’t statistically in the best interest for Oregon.

Testimony: National Popular Vote by-passes constitution

24.Do you support a primary election where voters of every party can vote to determine the top two candidates regardless of their party affiliation? ‘Open primary’ a political misnomer that marginalizes Republicans, third parties (guest opinion)
25.Do you support reclassifying hydropower as a renewable resource? Hydropower as a Renewable Energy Source

Is Hydropower a Renewable Energy or Not?

26.Do you support Renew Oregon’s proposal to eliminate coal-fired power completely by 2040 to be replaced with wind and solar – not natural gas?
27.Do you subscribe to the theory that Oregon’s human activity has an impact on carbon emissions affecting global warming? What Does Science Really Say About ‘Climate Change’?

New Study: Higher CO2 Levels Promote Leaf Growth

28.Do you support recreational and small business mining in rural Oregon? 2015: Oregon Legislature Adopts Mining Policy!
29.Do you support a constitutional amendment to create a fair statewide process to appoint the Superintendent of Public Instruction? CHANGE OF DIRECTION
30.Do you support repealing the Oregon Department of Education’s decision to require use of the Common Core State Standards? Common Core and the Centralization of American Education

Common Sense Vs. Common Core: How to Minimize the Damages of the Common Core

31.Do you support a rigorous testing curriculum as a means for teaching? Are American Students Over-tested: Schleicher vs. Schleicher

The Effects of Standardized Tests on Teachers and Students

32.Do you support giving local school districts the authority to determine what is best for their particular schools to increase attendance and improve graduation rates? Using Staff Expertise to Increase Graduation Rates


33.Do you support a single-payer health insurance system? What is Single Payer?
34.Will you support legislation and vote to restore legal protection to unborn babies?
35.Do you support spending public funds on abortion services? Oregon is one of two states that has no limitation on abortion at any time up to and including birth with full funding.

An Overview of Abortion Laws

36.Do you support requiring all Oregon employers to use the federal E-Verify system to determine the employee’s work eligibility status? What is the E-Verify System?
37.Do you support transitioning Oregon to a “Right-to-Work” state in which joining a union would be optional? Right-to-work vs. Union State

Right-to-Work vs Free Bargaining States

38.Do you support the First Amendment rights of business owners to run their business in accordance with their religious beliefs?
39.Do you support ICEI/ICMA or other 2030 Agenda (formerly Agenda 21) organizations contracting with governments, which allows them to make decisions reserved for elected officials? The battle over Agenda 21 is raging across the nation. City and County Councils have become war zones as citizens question the origins of development plans and planners deny any international connections to the UN’s Agenda 21.

Agenda 21 in Less Than 5 Minutes

Agenda 21 How Will It Affect You

One Easy Lesson on Agenda 21

AGENDA 2030 will cost around $5 trillion per year for the US to participate. Somehow this will end poverty.