Volunteer with OAA

You can play a role in the mission of educating Oregon voters. This page will list the opportunities that are currently available with OAA. Pick a project that utilizes your skills and fits your interests or search our website for opportunities with partner organizations. Be actively involved. YOU can make a difference in the Oregon elections!
Pick from the list below and e-mail aap.oregon@gmail.com for the specific need in your area. We will provide all the training, help and support you will need.

Join Now


Twitter – help send out voter information through @OR_AbbyAProject

Facebook and Freedom Connections – help post candidate information and voting issues.

Questionnaire Sponsor – help write questions for candidates in your area.


Local Volunteers – join your local Questionnaire Sponsor and help produce and distribute a voter guide for candidates on your local ballot.

Distribute flyers, questionnaires and comparison guides at rallies and events.

Voter Guide Distribution to neighborhood (precincts), church and community groups.

Project Partner Liason – communicate with other groups you are a member of in sharing information. Coordinate presentations with group leaders.

Area Reporter – be the eyes and ears of your local area – report on new candidates, special elections, voter Information events, etc.

Video Expert – video candidate presentations for posting on OAA.

Candidate Profiles – collect information about the candidates and post to OAA facebook page.

Answer Verification – Work with a team to research candidate answers and verify with voting records.

Put OregonAbigailAdams.com in your signature line and promote viewing of OAA website, facebook, and follow us on Twitter.

Contact local media – newspapers, radio, TV. Discuss the need for better voter information and the need for candidates to be forthcoming and not hide their views from the voters.

Website tech support – create template for posting OAA voter guides and OAA button on websites with easy step-by-step instructions for groups and candidates. Provide telephone support as needed.

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