Local Elections

[General qualifications and filing requirements are set in statute. However, county and city charters or ordinances, or district by-laws may supersede general state election requirements.]

PARTISAN races are conducted according to general state elections with candidates competing within their party and winners advancing to the General Election.

County Commissioner is a partisan office unless a county home rule charter or ordinance deems it nonpartisan.

NONPARTISAN races include: District Attorney, Justice of the Peace, County Clerk, County Assessor, County Surveyor, County Treasurer, County Sheriff, or any office designated nonpartisan by a home rule charter.

County Commissioner (nonpartisan), County Sheriff, County Clerk, County Treasurer, County Assessor 

*If a candidate receives a majority of the votes cast on the May ballot, that candidate is elected. If more than two candidates file and no candidate receives a majority, the top two candidates advance to the November ballot.

**If two or fewer candidates file for the position, they will not appear on the May ballot but will go directly to the November ballot.  ORS 204.005, 249.088 and 249.091.

City Office – Contact the local elections official to determine which election the office will appear on and for any applicable charter or ordinance provisions that may supersede general state requirements.

District Board Members are elected at the regular district election in May of each odd numbered year. Contact the local elections official for any applicable by-laws that may supersede general state requirements.