Oregon PCP Candidate Procedure

There are three ways to become a Precinct Committee Person (PCP) in Oregon. 1) Ballot, 2) Write-in or 3) Appointment.

1) PCP Candidates Elected by Ballot

The best way to become a PCP is to get your name on the Primary Election ballot. You need to file a candidate form (SEL105) during the filing period.  Here is an example of the form:

PCP Filing Form (SEL105)

The next election is in 2018. Watch for the current form to be available around the first of the year. The filing period is short. It is usually from February 1st to March 8th. You can contact your county clerk if you have any questions about how to complete and file the form.

County Clerk Contact Information

2) PCP Candidates Elected by Write-in

If you miss the filing deadline, you can still be elected by write-in to the position of Precinct Committee Person in three easy steps:

1.  When you receive your Primary Election Ballot, look for the page that lists all of the precincts. Verify your Precinct Number by looking on your ballot envelope or calling your county election office.

2.  Write your name on the blank line for your precinct. Recruit at least two more voters within your precinct to also write your name on the ballot. You must receive at least THREE votes to be elected and have the most write-in votes. Make sure everyone writes your name EXACTLY as you have written it.

3.  After the election, the county clerk will send you a letter. Return the “Acceptance of Office” form before the specified deadline.

3) PCP Appointed by County Party

If you miss the primary election to be a PCP, you can be an appointed PCP. Start attending your county party meetings and ask to be appointed. Generally, appointed PCPs have the same privileges, except for voting for the new officers at the organizational meeting. Read your county party by-laws for the specific rules on appointed PCPs.

The Role of the PCP