Election Count Monitoring Team

Organize an Election Count Monitoring Team

1. Appoint person to be county election integrity chair.

2. Meet with your county clerk months ahead of the election and ask for information on this year’s election procedures (particularly items 4, 5, and 7 below).

3. Recruit a team of ballot county volunteers

a. 2 -4 hour shift maximums, counting can be late at night

b. Need to be able to start up to 7 days before election

4. Recruit a team of ballot box observers to watch security take the last ballots from the boxes at 8:00 p.m.

a. Watch their protocol if any for securing the boxes

b. Watch to make sure someone appearing to be official picks up boxes.

c. Watch for any suspicious large dumps (like Unions bringing in boxes of ballots), note or take pictures of these.

5. Take note of the deadline for, and advertise the paying job openings for ballot counters in your county. Many go unfilled. This happens many months before Election Day.

6. Review state laws, administrative rules, Secretary of State Directives or other material from the ORP or RNC with respect the particular races and rules in effect for this year.

7. Contact County Clerk and ask about their election counting process

a. Where can observers sit?

b. When will pre-sorting begin?

c. When does signature verification begin?

d. How does your county notify electors of an un-signed ballot?

e. When will counting begin?

f. Where do they store the ballots?

g. Find out when the demonstration night will be.

h. Find out when they will test their systems.

8. Schedule volunteers. Try to make sure there is at least 1 person there during all pre-sorting and counting until all close races are decided.

9. Coordinate contact information. Give your observers the number of the County Election Integrity Chair. Give your County Election Integrity Chair the number for the State Election Integrity Chair and the ORP Election night legal team.

10. Be calm and respectful, verify with someone not caught up in the heat of the moment if you feel something is not right.

Contact Information:
Oregon Republican Party: phone 503-595-8881, email: staff@orgop.org
Oregon Democrat Party: phone 503-224-8200
Directory of County Election Offices