Unsecured Custody and Counting of Ballots

Informational Video

Ruth Bendl and Jeff Kropf Discuss Ballot Security

Did You Know . . .

  • In the past, records  were kept  when ballots were collected from precinct polling places. Now, with Vote-By-Mail, there is NO RECORD of how many ballots are picked up by temporary election workers from the various ballot drop sites. Nor is there a record of when or how many ballots actually arrive at the election office.
  • Electronic access to the ballot counting machines is not secure and is vulnerable to access by outside sources. It should be secured according to industry standards.  Currently there is no reporting function for breaches of security written in the law.

Report by Computer Fraud Investigators, Andrew Nesbit and Robert McCullough –> Multnomah Elections Electronic Security 

The Solution. . .

  • Change  Oregon law to MANDATE that ballot drop sites be placed inside government buildings where assigned staff can observe the count of the ballots to be transported, along with the time of pickup, and then co-sign the ballot register book.
  • Mandate that county clerks establish a chain of custody for each individual ballot.
  • Evaluate all computer processes by computer fraud investigators.  Take agressive measures to prevent breach in electronic security.

Join the Team . . .

The Voter Integrity Campaign is taking steps to change Oregon laws to insure ballot security. Join the Team. The more people that are helping with this effort, the more effective and louder our voice will be.

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