Proof of Identity Not Required

Justice John Paul Stevens wrote for a 2008 court decision upholding Indiana ID law:

 ”There is no question about legitimacy or importance of a state’s interest in counting only eligible voters.”


Informational Video

Ruth Bendl and Jeff Kropf  Discuss Voter ID in Oregon

Did You Know?

  • Ballots are  mailed to Oregon registrants who don’t provide valid proof of identity, despite the passage of the 2006 federal law, Help America Vote Act (HAVA), that requires proof of identification to legally vote.
  • HAVA non-compliant voters cannot vote for federal offices, but are still eligible to vote for state and local candidates. State and local elections should receive the same protection as federal elections.
  • Immigration fraud is facilitated by allowing voter registrants to receive official Voter Identity Cards without proof of identification.

What You Can Do…

Demand changes to election law to make it illegal to vote without proof of identity. The Voter Integrity Campaign is taking steps to change Oregon laws so that it is illegal to vote without proof of identity. Join the Team. The more people that are helping with this effort, the more effective and louder our voice will be.

Why We Need to Require Voter Identification in Oregon:

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