Candidate Briefings


Heritage Foundation offers free briefings to all candidates for public office regardless of political party.

Each briefing is tailored to the issues that a candidate finds most important. Briefings are held one-on-one with Heritage’s best policy experts who can cover an issue from the basics of conservative policy to a deep dive into the minutiae of an issue. During the briefing, a candidate has the opportunity to engage Heritage’s policy experts in an interactive discussion to develop a robust understanding of an issue.

Scheduling a Briefing
To schedule a briefing, please contact Sean McMahon at with a list of topics and available dates.

Solutions 2016 – The Candidate Briefing Book
Solutions 2016 is an arsenal of today’s best conservative policy recommendations for those fighting on the front lines of American political life, whether by running for office or simply being an active citizen in their community. Each of the 40 issues from across the foreign and domestic policy spectrum are addressed in “primer” fashion, offering a succinct summary and analysis of the issue, conservative policy recommendations, and facts and figures.