2011 Election Related Bills


Click on the link for the complete bill wording and audio recordings of testimony given for each bill. Contact members of the committee and your legislator to give your opinion on the bills that interest you.

Testimony Submitted to House Rules Committee

Audio Recordings of House Rules Committee


Removes requirement to destroy unused ballots at 8:00 p.m. on election night. HB2256, — Passed House with amendments leaving law in place to destroy ballots on election evening. HB3404In committee upon adjournment.

Allows county clerk to establish inspection boards to inspect and prepare ballots for counting and to count ballots. HB3403In committee upon adjournment.

Requires each counting board conducting recount to allow certain individuals to watch recount. HB3405In committee upon adjournment.

Requires county clerk to ensure that authorized persons can clearly observe signature verification process for ballots. HB3406In committee upon adjournment.


Requires Secretary of State to establish Initiative and Referendum Hotline for reports of election law or rule violations. HB2258In committee upon adjournment.

Directs Secretary of State to set up electronic voting overseas for military. This bill passed the House and Senate with the amendment allowing the military and all overseas residents to fax and e-mail their ballots. HB3074

Repeal of Vote-By-Mail System. HB3506No hearings given.

Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote. HB3517, SB885 In committee upon adjournment.

Removes option for major political parties to elect precinct committeepersons at primary election. HB2492In committee upon adjournment. SB912No hearings given.


Requires evidence of citizenship for persons registering to vote for first time in this state. This bill now has a proposed amendment removing the citizenship requirement. In committee upon adjournment. HB2804In committee upon adjournment.

Requires each designated voter registration agency to evaluate agency’s compliance with National Voter Registration Act and provide plan to achieve full compliance in certain circumstances. HB2880 Recommended Pass w/ Amendments Apr 1st

Allow citizens to register to vote up to day of election. HJR21, — In committee upon adjournment. SJR2No hearing given.

Allow citizens to register to vote up to three days before election. HJR30No hearings given.

Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution to allow citizens to register to vote in manner provided by statutory law. HJR10No hearings given.

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