2012 Election Related Bills

HB 4174 Full Measure Text Removes requirement to destroy unused ballots at 8:00 p.m. on election night. STATUS: No activity.

HB 4152 Requires campaign finance statement to be filed within two calendar days if contribution or expenditure exceeding $1,000 is received or made during 14-day period immediately preceding election. Changes filing deadline for statements from seven days to 14 days after contribution is received or expenditure is made during period beginning 42 days before election. Full Measure Text STATUS: No Activity.

SB 1517 This bill was gut and stuffed with wording from HB 4174. See –> ACTION Alert STATUS: Passed on Senate Floor. Referred to House Rules. No activity.

HB 4171Full Measure Text STATUS: Passed House and Senate
Ruth Bendl Testimony

Modifies deadline for Secretary of State to file information with county clerks regarding candi-
dates for offices of President and Vice President of United States at November 2012 general election.
Declares emergency, effective on passage.

SB 1516 – Full Measure Text STATUS: Doesn’t appear to have any hearings scheduled so far.

Establishes Help America Vote Act Task Force. Directs task force to study statewide compli-
ance with Help America Vote Act and report findings and recommendations to Legislative Assembly.
Sunsets task force on July 1, 2013.

SCR 204 Full Measure Text STATUS: Passed both Houses.

Commemorates centennial of woman suffrage in Oregon and efforts of those who led woman
suffrage campaign of 1912.